10 Jul 2014

Weekly Wishlist

Hello beautiful people;

It's Thursday so that means wishlist day!
First of all I'm sorry for not posting yesterday, I was really poorly & I hadn't prepared a blog for you guys.

This week I'm lusting over a lot of hyped products, which I probably will end up buying so I can review them for you lovely people!!

So we've got
MAC Saddle Eye Shadow
Chanel Satisfaction Lipstick
Illamasqua Hollow Cream Pigment
Lip Voltage
Lauren's Way Dark Tanning Lotion

These are all things I've seen bloggers and YouTuber's rave about. The first 2 things I have to own is Mac's Saddle and the LW Tan.

Have you tried any of these products?
Thank you for reading!
lots of love, effstarbeauty xoxo

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