About Me

My name is Francesca Alicia Haynes and I am a 23 year old British Beauty Blogger.
I have a huge passion for makeup and skincare, and I hope that one day I will be able to work in the beauty industry.

Friends & family would describe me as a fun loving, out going and bubbly person whom is incredibly giving. I'm also kinda a massive geek. I love cartoons, especially My Little Pony, Adventure Time and Pokemon. My home office is brimming with lots of cute figurines, pop's and posters of my favourite geeky past times!! I try to love endlessly and maintain a beautiful perception of life, seeing inner beauty in everyone and everything. I am often told that I'm a little too understanding and forgiving!

I'd love to make friends with more bloggers and attend more events, if you want to connect then just message me on Twitter or Email me on effstarbeauty@hotmail.com; I am always interested in doing colabs and making friends!

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