12 Dec 2014

Kissmas Nails

Hey Hey Hey!

I know it's early but I have a hankering to share this impeccable Kissmas nails recipe with you! 
Both shades come from a brand called W7 whom aren't widely spoken about in the beauty world, but I am starting to see them mentioned a lot more recently.

Christmas is a time where red and green are allowed to be seen, especially in the form of glitter. This is where W7's It's Christmas nail varnish* comes in to play. Packed full of glitter so once swept onto your nail it's pretty much full of delightful sparkly particles which is something that you wouldn't expect from a nail varnish this cheap!

It's Christmas
The second shade to immensely impress me is W7's Burnt Amber* which is well a metallic shade of burnt amber! Burnt Amber is an orange toned red which reminds me a lot of those tasty bonfire treats, toffee apples (candy apples to those overseas). 

Burnt Amber
It's Christmas and Burnt Amber compliment each other so so so so well which is why they're my current favourite Kissmas Nails recipe! These nail varnishes are long lasting, and don't chip easily at all! Both only need 2 thin coats to achieve this look :)

Excuse my broken nail!
W7 I am one impressed Beauty Blogger!
You can purchase these two and other W7 products here

What nail recipes are you loving for Kissmas?

*pr samples 
lots of love

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