23 Jan 2015

Barmy for well...Balmi

Hi Hi Hi

It's no secret, I love lip balms and I love me a bargain. Balmi's are a new style of lip balm that hit the globe last year, they're cute and you apply them straight from the packaging; no squeezing, using fingers or twisting up! This is the lazy girls reason to keep on applying these fruity balms.

I've got a million and one lip balms on the go, but after picking both of these up for £5 in the Boots sale ... yes both.... I have not been able to put them down. To be honest, I'm a true EOS and Burts Bee's balm kind of girl, but these taste and smell awesome; you can totes call it addiction. 

The two flavours I picked up are Blackcurrant and Raspberry, but they are available in many more including Coconut, Strawberry and Mint.

The conical shape to these allow you get in every section of your lips without ended up with a greasy ring around your mouth. Balmi's contain Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to keep your lips super smooth, and chap free; unlike most balms that just act as a barrier.

Easy to say this, but I love my Balmi's and I will not be putting them down anytime soon!

Buy Me // Balmi

Have you tried Balmi?

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