15 May 2015


Nuevue is a new view (see what I did there ;)?) of phone cases. For most, a phone is either in a bag, pocket or hand which can be the most germ ridden places ever. As someone whom likes to look after their skin, I am conscious of the cleanliness of my phone as the last thing I want pressed against my face is a block of germy glass & metal.


That's where Nuevue come in. The inside of the case is antibacterial, so it takes away and kills all the nasties that linger on your phone. It also comes with cleaning wipes which you use before putting your phone into the case for the cleanest of results.

Nuevue provide a high standard of faux leather case in many colours including the lilac that I have, orange and blue. There is also the option of having a leather case which comes in three different colours, black, tan and pink. But this case doesn't just stop there, it's also shock proof and static proof.

I love the stitching details on the case and the metallic logos, as it doesn't make the case look overly branded regardless of all the branding...if that makes any sense!!

Have you tried a Nuevue Case?

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