22 Jul 2015

Eat It. Wear It. Swear By It*

The past year has been well and truly smothered in Coconut Oil, with its health benefits and ability to transform not only our food but our bodies too.

My favourite Coconut Oil is the latest offering from Vita Coco*, & here are my favourite ways to use it.

1. Eat it.

There are so many ways you can consume this delicious oil via the mouth, my favourite is to cook with it. But I do also add it to my morning smoothies and to salad dressings.

2. Rub it on me mush

Slathering this all over my face after a tough weekend on the gin helps to bring out a gorgeous glow & put back in the essentials that a hangover has stripped my skin of. I always wash the oil off after 10 minutes as Coconut Oil is a Comodegen, which leaves your pores at a high risk of clogging. Now this doesn't happen to everyone but it's worth taking it off.

3. Removing Panda Eyes

We've all been there. That black ring around your eyes from excessive eyeliner use or mascara mishaps. If you're like me, scrubbing & rubbing at my eyes is not an option. Erm...wrinkles! The simple way to remove this panda-esque residue is to simply gently pop some coconut oil over the areas and wipe away with a cotton pad.

4. Nourishing Lips

Coconut oil is extremely hydrating. When my lips are looking chapped and sore, I mix this with sugar for a gentle scrub. The sugar removes any dead skin, and the coconut oil nourishes & helps to bind it all together.

You can purchase Vita Coco Coconut Oil from most UK Supermarkets.

Have you tried Coconut Oil?

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