21 Aug 2015

Friendship With Bloggers

I don't usually talk about my favourite blogs but I decided that spreading some love and joy was needed. So here it goes...my favourite blogs to read!

See The Stars

Sarah is a very close friend of mine, we've known each other for roughly a year and I feel we've got a really special friendship. Her blog is incredible, such high quality and contains a variety of well written and photographed topics

Hanner King

This beautiful blonde is another great friend of mine, with an insatiable blog to go with her perfect personality. Hannah is also in the organising team for Bloggers Unite Events, bringing us even closer together in the blogging world. I love Hannah's blog, everything is so well thought out and presented wonderfully.

Sian Marie Beauty

Wow. Where to start with this one? Sian is officially my longest online friend I've ever had. We've probably followed each other for at least 5/6 years now and from that a flawless friendship has blossomed. SM-Beauty is a personality packed blog, filled to the brim with well executed posts and top photography.

Rose Charli

Charli, Charli, Charli. My dear friend Charli. Not quite sure where I'd be without her insanely good advice, hilarious comments and look on life. Running her own beauty blog, full of tips and product reviews. A great read, make sure you give this blog a read!

Dino's Beauty Diary

Emma is another organiser of the Bloggers Unite team, which I feel having this in common has really pulled us together as friends. Her strong sense of blog direction shows her followers where she is and what she wants to achieve. Another fab blog with perfect content!

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