27 Jun 2014

June faves

Hello beautiful people;

It's that time of the month, no not that one ladies but its favourites time !!!
This month has been full of loads of favourites, mainly beauty but some lets just say different ones.

My first favourite is Vita Coca Coconut water. OOH LA LA, been drinking this everyday for the past month and yeah its an expensive habit at around £1.50-£2.50 for 330ml depending on where you buy it from but the health benefits are insane. The most important one for me is that it aids weight loss, secondly its extremely hydrating & thirdly it is full of goodness which is great for your skin!
Plus, its absolutely perfect for hangovers!

The second item on my favourites list this month is MAC's Face and Body foundation. What a perfect foundation for hot days? I know I raved about the BB Cream in a previous post but I am totally in love with the light weight feel and the liquid consistency. Again I didn't purchase this product, I'm still working my way through the large sample I was kindly given by the same MAC girl. But now I know I love it it's a for sure purchase on payday !!

Another non beauty item that is easily one of my June favourites. The second series of Orange is the new black, HOLLAAA!
Chocolate and vanilla swiiirl ;) Totally worth the wait and yes like most people I watched the whole series in just a few days. I won't spoil it for anyone but basically its an American drama set in a women's prison, full of drama, dark humor and loads of lesbian sex. I can't recommend anymore, you just have to watch it and give it a chance to get going.

My last favourite is another beauty item, a new discovery for me and that's the Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner. I'm not usually one to splash out on haircare and try lots of new things but I've heard fab things about this brand and how it can help your hair grow. I'm pretty much desperate for my hair to get longer so I am willing to try anything to encourage growth !!
The scent is boring and it feels terrible on the hair but my isn't it worth it for the results! I paid £8.50 on Amazon for the duo with free delivery, if you shop about you can get it a little cheaper but I was feeling lazy on that day.
Give it a go, just see past the smell and ignore the feel of it on your hair!

Hope you enjoyed this post
What are your favourites for this month?
lots of love, effstarbeauty x

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