24 Jun 2014

MAC BB Cream Review

Hello beautiful people;

YES! Another MAC post, soz to all you MAC haters out there but I am an addict. I promise I will be doing blog posts on other brands soon !!

Seeing as it summertime here in good ol' England I thought that a review on a BB cream is what all of us lazy ladies & gents need on sweltering days like it was yesterday.
Anybody who knows me well knows that for the past 7 years I have only used MAC's studio fix fluid and the full coverage look is the only one I go for.
WELL I'll tell you this for fact, dem days are well and truly over !! Okay so not over completely but during these hot days I am totally converted to this beauty of a BB cream.
I have the shade Light Plus and I am usually a nw15-nw20 depending on the time of year, this shade is a little bit warmer than my natural skintone but still leaves my skin looking natural.

Because I have stupidly sensitive skin I always get samples of any foundation, cream, primer etc before I buy, especially with high end beauty products.
The sample I've been using for this review has come from a lovely lady at the Birmingham Selfridges counter, whom was bloody incredible and helpful. Plus she got my shade spot on, yes even in a BB cream you have to make sure you have the correct shade.

No wotsits over 'ere !!

I applied the cream using the Urban Decay optical blurring brush, you can also apply using any foundation brush but I prefer the buffing/duo fibre ones for this product. Oh and fingers work too but you just get a much lighter coverage.

First impression is very good, goes on flawlessly giving you the "I woke up like dis" (see what I did there/! ;)) look which personally for lazy days/hot days/cba days is what I want to look like ! The coverage is also very build-able.

For those with dry skin like myself an almost veil is cast over your dry areas, which is always something I worry about with face products. If you do have quite oily skin you might find this product slips a little so maybe add a light powder to your t-zone.
One of my favourite things about this product is how high the SPF is in it, this does mean that its pretty much a no go for flash photography but containing a staggering SPF 35 its perfect for Summer and when you go on your holibobs. 
When I have the BB cream on I forget its on my face, completely weightless and it is also really good at covering redness. Dark circles and blemishes however, do still need a bit of concealer to cover those bad boys !! Wear wise, after around 5/6 in the heat it does start to fade slightly around the hairline, lip and chin or as I like to call the sweaty areas of le face. But just apply a bit more and you're back to being beautifully BB'd ! I also found that there was little to no transfer with this product, which is a big plus for me cos I just love wearing white clothing.
In the photos I only have on the BB cream, Urban Decay naked 2 eye shadow (Naked Basics) on brows and MAC's false lashes mascara. Well and I did spritz with MAC's fix+. 
I have used this product 3 times now and its definitely something I am 100% going to be purchasing !! 
You can buy the BB cream at any MAC store, counter and website.

My final review 9/10 

MAC BB Cream in Light Plus £23

Hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Let me know what you think in the comments below.
Take Care
lots of love, effstarbeauty x

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