24 Jun 2014

MAC eye shadow palettes

Hello beautiful people;

Seeing as I spoke SO much about my MAC eye shadows I thought I would dedicate a post just to my pretty build your own palettes!
I started off with just the one that had a mixture of colours in, once I had only a few spaces left I practically sprinted to my favourite MAC counter (Meadowhall if you're wondering) and filled it up as well as purchasing a new palette. 
Looking at my choices I decided to put all my bright colourful shades into the new one and keep the other as a pretty neutral palette. Sort of a MAC version of the Urban Decay Naked ones. 
The eye shadows to fill the palettes can be bought for slightly less at £10 and come ready to pop into the trays. However, you can easily depot an mac eye shadows from their classic packaging for easier transportation& storage.

First of all lets talk about the one that's probably going to be your guys fave, the neutral one.

To make this easy I will go from left to right and a row at a time.
Top Row: Haux, Embark, Antiqued, Woodwinked and Amber Lights
Middle Row: Malt, Carbon, Swiss Chocolate, Retrospeck and Rice Paper
Bottom Row: Blackberry, Texture, Bamboo, Gorgeous Gold and Time & Space (L.E)

My recommendations/favourites from this palette are:
Swiss Chocolate
Rice Paper

Oh man, now for the bright and colourful one. Not all colours will be to everyones taste but I do love colour.

Again, left to right in the same formation! 
Top Row: Stars N Rockets, Rule, Fig1, Contrast and Sunny Spot
Middle Row: Chrome Yellow, Red Brick, Sketch, Electric Eel and Mylar
Bottom Row: Atlantic Blue, Cranberry, Shadowy Lady, Tilt and Plumage

My recommendations/favourites from this palette are:
Red Brick

As you can see both are filled now, so yes you guessed it I will be buying another one soon insert cute monkey emoji.
I'd love to hear your opinions on my choices and any recommendations you have for me. Also if you'd like a swatches post to go with this let me know in the comments below !

Thank you for reading !
Take Care
lots of love, effstarbeauty x

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