5 Jul 2014

Eff's Breakfast Beauty Smoothie!

Hello beautiful people;

"Beauty isn't skin deep"

Too right it ain't! You've got to look after whats inside to help your outer beauty, which means filling your body with goodness!
This is a bit of a different post but it's very relevant to the sort of stuff I post about. This is not me encouraging you to only drink this smoothie or saying its the best one possible it's just what I like to drink for most breakfasts to keep myself healthy.

Ingredients & their benefits:
1 Peach - they make your skin healthy because they contain Vitamins A and C which aid skin tissue regeneration. Plus they make a fab natural moisturiser! 
10 small strawberries - Strawbs are full of biotin which is this crazy vitamin that helps your hair & bones to be healthy. They've also got an antioxidant in called Ellagic Acid which keeps the elastic fibres in your skin healthy, which basically means they help to stop saggy skin!
50ml Pure Coconut Water - This stuff honestly gives you picture perfect skin, helping to purify the skin. You can also slap it on your skin as a cleanser.
1 Mango - Mango's are like this wonder fruit 'cos it clears clogged pores and eliminates pimples. Why wouldn't you like this fruit?
1 teaspoon of Chia Seeds - They're just full of awesomeness that I like to put in my body!

1. Chop all the fruit up
2. Put everything in blender/smoothie maker
3. Blitzzzzz
4. Serve over ice & drink it down!

Let me know if you try this smoothie out
You can tag me on twitter with @effstar
lots of love, effstarbeauty xoxo

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