7 Jul 2014

Totally addicted to sprays!!

Hello beautiful people;

It's official, I need to go to beauty rehab for my out of hand addiction to make up sprays!
My collection so far is only at the count of 7, which isn't too bad right? Well maybe if 3 weren't the same product!!

I've been dabbling in these sorts of products for around 2 years now and I can't stop buying them and trying all the different ones out! My go to setting spray is Urban Decay's All Nighter which is just an outstanding product, it keeps my face in place all day and it's incredible on a night out for keeping your face cool and sweat/oil free!

My other one I can't live without is MAC's Fix+, well what would a post be without me including at least one MAC product?! This spray is slightly different as it is more of a finishing spray and it doesn't have the incredible hold power of All Nighter. However, say goodbye to the cake face! Fix+ takes away the powdery flat look and gives any foundation a dewy finish. Often I use this and All Nighter together to get an awesome finish with fabulous hold.

Also pictured is NYX's Dewy Setting spray which believe it or not I haven't tried this out properly, but I've seen loads of YouTubers rave rave rave about this. 
The last product pictured isn't a setting spray but a starting spray by Urban Decay called the B6 Complexion spray. Basically in a nutshell you spray your face with this before you apply anything to the skin, including moisturiser. It helps to calm your skin, reduce redness and gives your skin a good old drink of the daily vitamins it needs! Oh and it helps to reduce pore size!

If you're looking to buy one of these spray's definitely go for the Urban Decay All Nighter as a starting point! They also do one formulated for oily skin called De-Slick and a temperature controlling one called Chill.

Hope ya'll enjoyed this post!
Are there any spray's you can recommend me to try?
lots of love, effstarbeauty xoxo

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