3 Jul 2014


Hello beautiful people;

It's official, I cannot stop buying things!! But now I seem to be saying "Francesca you need things to blog about now, so this is completely acceptable", I am right in thinking that aren't I?
YouTube is my biggest downfall, I see someone use something and I just HAVE to own it. Plus my staff discount makes things so much easier to justify!

Lets get onto the haul then!
I took a little trip to Birmingham & as expected I found myself in Debenhams trying to spend my money, I had a browse around Chanel, YSL and Benefit but nothing caught my eye so I practically sprinted to Urban Decay. On the front counter I saw some beautiful red labels with the word SALE on them. Well didn't my little heart go mad!
I ended up just coming away with one item as I already own most of what is in the sale and that is one of the 24/7 eye shadow pencil's in Clash, a beautiful vibrant sky blue shade. These eye shadow pencils are in the process of being discontinued so they're only £9.80 at the moment! I love them because they're basically a chubby 24/7 liner!!
I also re-purchased a handbag sized All Nighter setting spray which is by far the best setting spray I've ever used, the full size is £20 and the handbag size is a mere £9!! It's worth trying out for just £9! Whilst stood at the till I spotted a handbag sized b6 complexion spray. In a nutshell it reduces redness and pore size, plus helps to absorb oil. I will be doing a full review soon!

The next day I had a little stroll into the town where I live in look for some new skincare, I kind of had in mind what I wanted so I took myself to lush! I wasn't a huge fan of Lush but my lord these two products have converted me! I pick up the Oatifix face mask to hydrate my skin and the Angels on Bare Skin cleanser/exfoliant. They both smell divine, Oatifix smells like flapjack!! 
Must haves for dry skin sufferers! 
Again, I couldn't help myself but to have a browse in Debs and strangely I found myself at the Lancome counter. I ended up purchasing another sale item which is the Flash Bronzer, it's a gradual tanning gel for your face! I'm yet to try this so keep your eyes peeled for a review coming soon!
On the way home I "accidentally" passed Space NK and naturally I couldn't resist a peek at the Nars counter, and yes I went home with one of their Radiant Creamy Concealers in Custard (god I love that name!!).

Have you tried any of these products before?

Thank you for reading!
lots of love, effstarbeauty x

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