3 Jul 2014

Weekly Wishlist - Elf

Hello beautiful people;

It's back again, the weekly wishlist!
To be honest if last weeks is anything to go by, its just a list of stuff I will be purchasing! This weeks are all Elf products that I am lusting over.
I'm not too sure why I never really purchase Elf things, maybe its because they're so cheap that I'm worried about the quality? Maybe I need to just take the plunge!!

Anyway, below are all the things I must try !!

From left to right, top to bottom we have:
Lip Exfoliater
Brow Kit in Medium
Element eyeshadows in Moondust, Sage, Purple & Taupe
Blush & Bronzer duo in Antigua
Smudge Brush
Studio Body Glow

There's a big mix of products, from eye shadows to body shimmer!
For everything in this photo the total cost is a measly £28.30, which in my eyes is a total bargain for so many products!

What are your favourite Elf products?
Are there any you think I should try?
lots of love, effstarbeauty x

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