13 Aug 2014

Weekly Wishlist CT

Hello beautiful people;

"wish I may, wish I might"

Recently I've been craving a lot of products by the incredible Charlotte Tilbury. So this weeks wishlist is all CT products!!
You can find all of these products here :)

From left to right, top to bottom we have:

Supermodel Body which is described as the make up equivalent of shape wear - £45
Ibiza Beach Stick which is a colour stick that can be used all over the face but best for contouring - £30
Luxury Palette in the shade The Vintage Vamp, basically 4 beautiful complementary eye shadows - £38
Wonder Glow is a primer that gives you perfectly glowing and blurred skin - £38.50

Charlotte Tilbury products are quite pricey, but from my experience the quality is incredible and rivals that of top brands like Tom Ford and Hourglass.

Whats your favourite CT product?
lots of love, effstarbeauty xoxo 

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