12 Aug 2014

Orange Lipstick Collection

Hello beautiful people;

"when life gives you lemons, apply more lipstick!"

This time last year I would not of dared to even consider wearing an orange lipstick, let alone owning one. How times can change! 
Here is my very small orange lipstick collection!

Vegas Volt by Mac is a very peachy toned orange and it's something I can only ever wear with a tan!

Wet N Wild honestly do the best cheap lipsticks ever, and 24 Carrot Gold is just insanely good. I love everything about it and it's for sure a great dupe for Mac's Saigon Summer.

The holy grail of orange lipsticks! Summer wouldn't be possible without this Mac lipstick.

I am such a make up snob and I definitely never thought I'd love a Rimmel lipstick as much as I love this one. The opacity takes a while to build but the colour and finish are wonderful.

Do you have a favourite orange lipstick?
lots of love, effstarbeauty xoxo

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