3 Sep 2014

August Faves

Hello beautiful people;

"These are a few of my favourite things"

Holy Mother of Glob where has this month/year/life gone? I mean hello slow down I don't want my wrinkles just yet.

Anyway, enough moaning and complaining about the speed of life and onto this months faves!
Lets start off with something beauty related because that's gonna shock you into next week right?

Ladies and Gentlemen lets give it up for Duo eyelash glue (this is the part where you stand and applaud okay?). I'm sorry but where the hell have I been? This stuff is what I've needed for a very long time. I've been scraping out the remains of an Urban Decay lash glue that I've had for too long, obviously hygienic as hell...I know right.

On the beauty theme we've got another lash fave in the form of MAC's 48 lashes. Oh my well aren't these just delightfully delicious *swoon*. Yeah so I'm going to need a million pairs just to get me through each month.
BUT I've found out something super exciting and that is that MAC lash boxes count as empties towards back2mac, this is just awesome news.

Another thing I'm loving is my new hair :) I've gone a mature (who am I kidding?!) shade of red with a hint of plum and pale pinky/red/blonde ends. Personally I think it's a perfect colour for me and I've had a good cut to freshen my ends up too!!!

And just because I like to mix an odd thing into my monthly favourites I'm going to include a song of the month which for this month is Chris Brown's - Loyal, obvs the naughty rude rude version because I'm a bad ass chick and that (not). I know I'm a late comer to this song but that's the way I like it!!

What are your August faves?

lots of love, effstarbeauty xoxo

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