18 Nov 2014


Hello beautiful people

I can't even deal right now....

When Rihanna was announced as Mac's 2014 Viva Glam spokesperson I was over the moon, but I started to wonder whom they would choose next.
Mac seem to like to pick very controversial men & women to be the face of this in house project, they've had Gaga, RuPaul and Pammy A just to name a few!
Because I'm a Mac addict I had a good think about my prediction and yes, I predicted Miley Cyrus!!

God I'm good!

I'm in love with this collection plus the campaign, it's very Vegas stripper/showgirl/glamour/sex esque...what could be better eh?
The duo is all pink and bubblegummy goodness with lots of sparkles, and of course an amplified finish for extra extravagance points!
Even though I love this campaign from Mac & Miley, I do wish that they hadn't gone for the classic Viva Glam packaging and maybe done something a little different. Maybe a pink matte bullet like the RiRi red ones.

They go on sale on the 22nd January in the US and 12th Feb Internationally, so not too long to wait fellow Miley/Mac Addicts!

*these photos are not mine*

Are you excited to slather this pair on your wanting lips?

lots of love

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