17 Nov 2014

The Mac Tag

Hello beautiful people

"Once you go Mac, you'll never go back"

After seeing this tag I knew that I had to participate! Hope you enjoy!

How long have you been using Mac?
Around 6/7 years now

What was your first Mac Product?
Silver Glitter 

What is your Favourite Mac product?
I don't think I could choose but Fix+ and the Mineralize Skin Finishes would be up there!

Whats your least favourite Mac Product?
Hmm, probably the super slick eyeliners

Do you own a pro card?
Nope :'(

Your Mac foundation shade?
NW10, but I wear an NW20 to match my body 

Your Favourite Mac Foundation:
Studio Fix Fluid

Oh lord, umm probably Swiss Chocolate but I do love Antiqued & Ricepaper too!


Heroine & Night Moth

217 217 217 217 217 217 217 217

Nail Lacquer
I don't own any

Pro Products
Well my faves have now been put onto the house list, but I got them when they were pro. The lipsticks in Show Orchid & Fleshpot

Comment on the following Mac product, have you used them? If so, give feedback.

Prep and Prime Skin
Love it, repurchased 3 times!

Studio Sculpt Foundation
It's apparently made for my skin type, but I didn't get on with it at all

Face and Body Foundation
It's my go to Summer foundation!

Mineralize satin Finish
Haven't tried it

Studio Fix Fluid
Been my go to foundation for years and years now

Studio Fix Powder
Used this for agesss, so good!

Beauty Powder
Haven't tried it but I think I need to get my hands on some Limited Edition ones!

Mineralize skin finish
I love the highlighting ones, I'm a sucker for the LE ones!

Bronzing Powder
Hmm undecided I'm afraid!

Powder Blush
Very good but like most things I prefer the LE shades

Blush Creme
Haven't tried one

Mineralize Blush
I use the LE Lured To Love everyday

Cream Colour Base
Adore these, my favourite is the RiRi Hearts Mac one in Diamonds

Studio Sculpt Concealer
Haven't tried this

Select Cover up concealer 
Didn't get one with this AT ALL

Studio Finish Concealer
Use this everyday on my brows and spots :) Amazing stuff & very long lasting

Paint Pots
I adore these, especially Painterly 

Eye Shadow
Well I have over 30 so that must mean I like them right?

I have a few that I adore but they don't get used often 

Best glitter around, not too chunky!

Eye Khol
I am a massive Urban Decay 24/7 liner fan, so I don't own that many Mac ones. Still good quality but the staying power isn't as good as UD's

A pro product I need to try

I love using these, I have 5 and they're super versatile. I use Dipdown on my brows!

Liquid Last Liner
This was my go to eyeliner until they discontinued it :'(

Lustre Drops
Haven't tried these but they look beaut

ProLash Mascara, Zoom Lash Mascara, Plush Lash Mascara and Dazzle Lash Mascara
I've only tried Zoom Lash and tbh I love it but there are better ones on the market!

Tinted lip conditioner
I haven't tried one yet

Most are 10/10 but some are awful

Adore the cremesheen ones best, Boy Bait is my fave ever

False Lashes
Mmmm 48's

What has been your favourite Mac Collection to date?
Last years Holiday Collection Divine Night and the last Fantasy of Flowers

Which of the Mac Collections have you found disappointing?
Rocky Horror, Maleficent and Baking Beauties

What products do you think Mac are missing.
More brow options, there own lash glue and eyeshadow palettes 

I absolutely loved doing this tag, as you all know I love love love love love Mac Cosmetics.
Feel free to tag yourself (that's what I did!)

lots of love

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