24 Nov 2014

cleanse away your sins

Hello beautiful people

"Don't judge someone because they sin differently than you do"

Ya'll know I love a natural skincare product right? Something landed on my doorstep that I've fallen in love with. That something is the Bee Good Honey & Wild-Water Mint 3in1 Cleansing Water* priced at £10 for 100ml.

I absolutely love a gentle cleanser, and water style ones are definitely my favourite as they melt away your daily sins (and stubborn mascara) without you having to scrub a layer of your skin off.
This leaves my skin feeling fresh but not tight, guhhh I hate that tight feeling. People say that's cos your skin is clean... NO that is because the product has stripped every last drop of moisture out of your skin!!!

I did expect this cleansing water to smell minty, hence the name; but instead it's a soft floral smell which is divine and just as gentle on the nose as it is actually on your nose...you get me right? 

The key active ingredients are:

British Wild Flower Honey
British Propolis
Water Mint
Red Algae 

Usually when buying off the shelf the ingredients look something like this:

uidfbheuofeowfnheoovovvweuuueuurururururhgahahcocdijiv 1

Like i'm sorry but WHAT the hell is in this stuff I am putting on my beautiful skin? If you love your skin, choose Bee Good because then you'll Bee Good to your skin ;)  (yuh get it huh? ha)
Oh and another little thing that I must mention is that Bee Good is cruelty free and they also raise money to help save the bees; so really you're helping to keep the bees alive by purchasing!

You can purchase here :)

lots of love

*product was sent for review purpose
BUT all opinions are my own

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