21 Nov 2014

Epic Nail Fail

Hello beautiful people

It's really not like me to bitch about a product but I can imagine a lot of you guys fell into the trap I did this month too!
The amazing people at Glamour Magazine packed their latest issue full of freebies and this included a full sized Nails Inc nail varnish which came in 4 different shades.
In my local newsagents I only had the option between two colours and I went for the deep red toned purple shade Hanover Square. It reminded me of Mac's Media lipstick and I new I had to own it so I could spend these cold months with matchy matchy lips & nails!

To be quite honest I was only purchasing the magazine for all the freebies and well, it was a complete waste of time, effort and money.
This nail varnish sucks!

Within 12 hours most of it had chipped off and I hadn't really done anything that made me think "oh well you did do this and go there which is probably why".
I have had a few Nails Inc shades in the past and I can't remember ever feeling this dissapointed with one. Maybe Glamour have tricked us and its a differently formula?

Have any of you had this problem?

lots of love

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