13 Nov 2014

Stronger than yesterday

Hello beautiful people

"never, never, never give up on your hair"

Probably for the past 6 months I have really been trying to take good care of my hair, this means less dying sessions, regular cuts and extra hydration in the form of cooler water when washing and hair masques. 

Anyone that knows me well has seen my be many hair colours over the past few years but I always go back to blonde, which yes means to lift that bubblegum pink I have had to reach for the bleach (deffo a poet and deffo know it).
Basically by saying that my hair was battered is probably pretty polite! 

So where do these 2 amazing hair care products come into the equation? 
Well I will tell you! I am now a red head which is a very difficult colour to maintain as it just loves to hop down the drain at any given opportunity. I try to use natural products as much as possible, so when I found these beauts I jumped on the chance to treat my hair.

Firstly I washed my hair with Earth Science's Olive and Avocado Shampoo* which contains Silk Protein that aids hair repair, Argan Oil & Shea Butter for lustre and shine. 
Earth Science claims that this shampoo leaves your hair looking thicker, softer and more manageable.

Does it?  
Hell to the bloody yeah it does! I had minimal hair colour loss and I was left with uber naturally shiny hair that didn't feel heavy with product like some repairing hair products leave you with.

I followed my shampoo, as suggested with Earth Sciences's Olive & Avocado Hair Masque*. The masque has the same natural, floral scent as the shampoo and is not at all overpowering. 
This hair mask is so conditioning and I only left it on for 2/3 minutes where as the recommended time is a minimum of 5 minutes (I was in a rush to get out of the shower).

I don't think I could recommend these products enough, and especially to people with damaged hair & also red heads like myself searching for amazing colour locking products. 

You can purchase both products via Modern Herbals here and here :) 

What hair care products do you swear by?

*products were sent for review purposes
however, all opinions are honest & my own

lots of love

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