11 Nov 2014

Blog Cards

Hello beautiful people

"I never dreamed about success, I worked for it"
- Estee Lauder

Me being me, I get bored of things very quickly. One of those things lately has been scribbling down my blog address onto scrappy bits of paper for people. Not only is it unprofessional but it doesn't look very good aesthetically.

I've seen and heard of people making blog cards before and at first I though that I was being silly because I don't have a massive following. After thinking about it I decided to take the plunge, after purchasing my current blog layout I thought "why not go all out" and I treated myself to 100 beautiful blog cards.

Blog cards are great to carry around with you, for those what if and maybe opportunities. There is nothing more professional than flashing and handing out a personalised business card, it also shows how dedicated to your blog you are!

I chose a simple look, my logo on the front and very simple details on the back; just the essentials!
People know who I am, what I'm about and how they can contact me in just a few words. I've tried to make the cards express what my blog represents and my personality through the colours, text and graphics used.
The 5 pointed star, of course because of my name but also because I am a little bit of a goth at heart too!

I purchased my cards from Moo and I have been uber impressed with the quality and service! For 100 cards, packaging and shipping I paid just a little over £26 which is one of the best prices I have found on the internet!
There are lots of little details and quirky things in and on the packaging. I love the 2 little blue pass on cards that come with it, that for me is such a wonderful little touch! The packaging is also very useful as it has two dividers "mine" and "theirs" so you have a slot for other blog/business cards you may receive! 

Do you have blog cards, or would you invest in some?

lots of love

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