5 Dec 2014

Brow Game Strong

Hello beauts

Daily I am asked "what do you use on your brows?" so I'm updating ya'll in this post.

According to social media my brow game is "strong" and I werk my brows as hard as Miley twerks     twerk, twerk Miley.
These day's if you have shite brows then you're lower than low, lower than the weird kid that sits at the front of the school bus, lower than a girl slut dropping on a Saturday night.


I pride myself on having good brows even if 90% of my brow is drawn on, not all of us are blessed like dear old Cara D with big ol' bushes for brows. 
Mine are sparse but I love them still!

Now the colour's that I use WILL vary to what you should use but it gives you a good understanding of how to create my brows.

I start off by brushing them through with a spooly, my fave is the basic white Elf one.

I will then take a small amount of Mac's Fluidline in Dipdown on a Mac 266 brush and carve out a good shape, starting at the end of my brow and working forward.
(you want the darkest part of your brow to be at the end or you'll end up looking like a common tramp)

After I am happy with my outline I will start to lightly fill in my brows using Dipdown on my 266, again starting from the end and working my way forward.

Because I have red hair to warm my brows up I apply some of Mac's Swiss Chocolate eye shadow using my 266 brush.

After all my product is applied I take my spooly and brush them through to keep the hairs looking hairy and to remove any excess product.

To make my hairs look hairier I apply some of Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel, (you only need a small amount of this) brushing my hairs upwards.

Because I'm messy and like a sharp look I will ALWAYS clean up with my Mac Studio Fix Concealer in Nc15 (lightest shade) on a 212 brush/

Et Voila...Brows did

What are your favourite brow products?

lots of love

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