23 Dec 2014

That's a wrap

Hey Hi Ho

I don't think it's just me when I say that I bloody love a bit of festive wrapping...is it just me? Comment below if you're the same, or else I'm just going to look like a proper sad twit.
Showing your age Eff.

Kinda hoping that somebody out there is interested in seeing what I've used to wrap all my presents in this year, as always though I've done it on the cheap so I spend extra pennies on the people I love!

I really do love old fashioned stuff when it comes to present wrapping, nothing beats brown parcel paper and rough green string does it not? The only thing I think i'm missing are a few little gold bells to add some Xmas magic!

The paper and labels used are both from Poundland, and the string is simple garden twine! Personally I think these look much better under the tree than tacky ribbon and Rudolph paper (no offence or nothing guys!)

What are you using to wrap up your Christmas delights this year?

love love love you all

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