29 Dec 2014

What I got for christmas 2014

Hi Hey Ho

Time for a very cliche blogger post now. A what I got for Christmas 2014 :)
My family and friends have been very generous this year, and I've been able to pick some delicious things and open many surprises!

I've decided just to share my beauty/makeup items because that's what my blog is all about! I did get some Drop Dead clothes, thigh high boots, Wood Wick candle and lots of other bits and bobs too.
This deffo isn't me showing off or anything, I just wanted to share what I've been lucky enough to receive.

Wave Wand // Gel Liner // Bulletproof // Glam Glow // Venus // Complexion Sponge // Sealing Gel // Sweet Mint // Glitter Helper // Red Velvet

What did you get for Christmas 2014?

love love love you all

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