29 Dec 2014

The Cleanser Games

Hey Hi Ho

You might find it a bit weird that I can't just stick to one cleanser, I actually us 4 different ones but they do have different purposes I swear!!

I don't like makeup wipes, or makeup removers because they tend to be extremely harsh on my skin leaving me red and often sore. To take my makeup off at the moment I am using the Blogger fave Garnier Micellar Water, it melts away my makeup including stubborn mascaras and matte lip products! I also find that it soothes my skin a lot, which is surprising to me as it's not natural in any way shape or form.

Now for the fussy part. If I just want a quick cleanse I will follow up with the Bee Good Honey & Wild Water Mint Cleansing Water*, usually I use this as a quick option when it's late or I'm in need of a freshen up when I've had a night out on the town!
If I'm suffering with bad skin, either spots or dry patches (which isn't often - hormonal!) I will include the Lush Angels On Bare Skin Cleanser whilst in the shower. This particular one gives you a good exfoliation  but remains as a gentle product. I never have the horrible tight feeling after using this product, and the lavender helps to even out my skin tone giving me a natural glow.

My everyday cleanser at the moment is the Bee Good Honey & Propolis Cream Cleanser*, I love this one so much as it's super hydrating due to being a cream and it seems to keep my skin flake free during these really cold months. The cleanser comes with a pure muslin cloth to remove the cleanser, which too gives a very gentle cleanse. My skin feels so soft and doughy (yes, doughy) after using this one, I really don't think I could recommend it enough! I love Bee Good products because of how natural they are, but regardless of that this cleanser really does come out on top for the cold weather!

What are your favourite cleansers?

*pr samples

Lots of love

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