19 Jan 2015

Lush Haul

Hi Hi Hi

What Blogger, scratch that. What human (that's better) can resist walking past Lush? The smell sweeps me off my feet and inside the doors on a cloud of pure happiness. I know for sure that I am not the only one whom experiences this!!

It's nearly Valentines so the shelves are brimming with suitable gifts for your loved ones. I spotted Prince Charming ready to lather himself all over you in the shower, and the extravagant bath partner Love Locket Bath Bomb.

Trying my hardest to ignore 90% of the stock, I just couldn't resist one of the newbies on the Valentines block....UNICORN HORN. Anyone that knows me fully well knows how extreme my obsession with Unicorns is so naturally I was swept over (yes on that cloud of magical fragrance and glitter that brought me into Lush) to the counter to absorb the breathtaking-ness of this outstanding Bubble Bar. It's all pastel colours and glitter...come on what more could you possibly want!

Because I'm a tradition freak, I always have to have a Comforter in my bath goodies selection box so there it was in all it's glory stacked up high right next to Unicorn Horn. It was love at 10th sight! This sweet smelling Ribena esque bubble bar is to die for and leaves you laden in soft pink bubbles.

I quickly ushered myself to the till point where myself and the Sales Assistant decided to have a proper lengthy chat about how much we loved Unicorns and glitter and everything. Seriously, that girl is my soul sister for sure! My new soul sister was the sweetest and once I'd purchased slipped in a cheeky freebie for me which I wasn't really aware that Lush even did, the Strawberry Feels Massage
Bar. Massage bars aren't anything I've ever thought about or considered, but I'm totes gonna give this baby a go... at the end of the day it was free!

This tiny little trip only cost me £8, but I'm pretty sure I could easily add another one or two 0's onto that if I really wanted to, that and if I had the money!

Buy Me // Lush

Have you purchased anything from Lush recently?

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