11 Jan 2015

Madame La La

Hey Hey Hey

Gone are the extra dark fake tans, we're saying hey yo to the natural look. Even the Towie girls have toned it down, which is saying something!

That orange face was never a good look Gem !!!

I'm road testing a gorgeous luxury tan by Madame LA LA called Light Self Tan Mousse*. From the first look I fell in love with this tan, the packaging is stunning and the smell...my god the smell is to die for! It's just like Cocoa Butter!
Another fabulous thing about Madame La La is that it's Cruelty Free, but it's also free from Alcohol, Parabens, Talc and Synthetic Fragrances just to name a few.

Madame LA LA claim that this tan provides an instant LA glow that develops into an even sun-kissed colour in 3 hours. The light formula offers a subtle glow for paler skin tones. The tan itself is a quick dry DD Tan Perfecter (Dynamic Do-All) infused with hydrating skincare benefits; Coco Water, Aloe, Green Tea and Vitamin E, plus built in skin finishing protectors. Innovative technology ensures your tan looks natural whilst adapting to your individual skin tone. Madame La La Tan Light will last for 10 days as if you have spent 2 weeks on a Malibu beach!

So, the question is...does it do what it says on the tin?

Yes...Yes it does! I am so happy with the colour this tan has given me, it really does look like I've been sunning myself on Venice Beach.


Buy Me // Madame LA LA

Have you tried any of the Madame LA LA tans?

*pr product

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