3 Feb 2015

Absolute Pearls

Hey Hey Hey

I've never been a big romantic, or lover of Valentines Day; to me you should show your loved ones how much they mean to you all the time. Is that just me?

Absolute Pearls I think may of changed my opinion on Valentines Day with their extensive range of pearly jewels, which before I hadn't bat an eyelid at, let alone want something from the collection for Valentines Day.

Pearls can be extremely expensive but they can also end up being pretty rubbish quality too! Absolute Pearls guarantee that quality and consistency throughout their products, without breaking the bank. If you would like advice on guaranteeing your pearls are real please take the time to read this guide.

The necklace pictured is the White Pearl Party* and it makes me feel like a million dollars draped around my collar bones. I found myself prancing around thinking I was Blair Waldorf, in this stunning singular string of Fresh Water Pearls.

You can view all of the special Valentines picks carefully put together by the AP team here ! Items will come boxed and wrapped to save you time, because well not many guys & girls are confident at wrapping!

For me, these say I love you in the classiest way ever. Treat your loved one to something from the Absolute Pearls range and watch their eyes sparkle when indulging that first breathtaking look at them.

Buy Me // White Pearl Party

What is on your Valentines Day wishlist?
*pr sample 

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