2 Feb 2015


Hi Hi Hi

Aphrodite lady sing, shell bikini, garden panties...VENUS!

IS it just me, or is every time this palette is mentioned I just have to bust out some moves and sing (scream) a long to Gaga's song Venus? Just me? Ohhh that's okay guys, it can be our secret ha!

Lime Crime are known for crossing boundaries and colouring outside the lines, but I guess that's why we love them so much! A vegan, cruelty free brand that's full of colour and expression is what everyone needs at some point in their life.

One of the latest launches from Lime Crime is the Venus Eye Shadow Palette, a red toned grunge lovers heaven. As always, this has become a much sought after product in the beauty world; spesh with us bloggers. Even though this isn't limited edition, only a limited amount were released which left most of us wanting and wanting, refreshing and refreshing websites and being dissapointed. It was a very dark time for me, until the glorious day when Cocktail Cosmetics got a load back in stock. I was all over this!

Rebirth // Divine // Muse // Creation // Venus // Icon // Shell // Aura 
I really don't think I've ever seen colours like this before, they're super unique and I find that there's a look for everyone using this palette. With a mix of matte's, shimmer's, light's and dark's this palette is a perfect holiday or weekend away companion. Every shade is packed with pigment and the colour pay off is absolutely beautimous.

Buy me // Venus Palette

Have you got your mitts on Venus yet?

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