27 Feb 2015

Pro Cleanse

Looking after our skin is a must, no matter what your skin is like, how much makeup you wear or even your gender. None of this determines the need of skincare, is simply warrants what your skin needs.

Makeup Revolution have created a Professional standard, yet affordable Cleansing Water* that removes makeup and leaves your skin feeling refreshed.

The Pro Cleanse is a simple, but effective way of switching up your makeup removal routine. Start by ditching the Makeup Wipes and slathering this clear, fragrance & alcohol free water over a cotton round. For me, this removes all visible makeup and my skin feels silky smooth and radiant after every use.

In the water are some important ingredients, Vitamins A, B and C. All of these are vital for our skin as they help aid repair, which is essentially anti aging! Even at 23 we need to slowly start the process of keeping those age signs at bay!

Have you tried any of Makeup Revolution's Skincare Range?

Buy Me // Pro Cleanse 

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