13 Mar 2015

Keratin Revolution

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Over the years my hair has taken a serious battering from the constant change of colour, to heat styling without heat protection (bad Effy!). The past few months I have been trying to look after my hair as best as I possibly can, so when Kertain Revolution's new Illuminating Argan Oil* came to my attention I knew I had to add it into my haircare routine. 

Argan Oil Illuminate was developed to help the most helpless of hair get back into glossy action with the stroke of your fingertips. The formula revives, strengthens and instantly absorbs into even the most lacking of locks; leaving it looking healthy, shiny and frizz free.

Humidity and damp weather can be a huge cause of frizz and fly away hair, but with the Argan Oil Illuminate it keeps your some what troubled hair under control and looking constantly flawless. The treatment is leave in, so once applied you just forget about it and go!

Due to the nature of this product it is suggested that it is not applied to the roots, as the natural hair oils mixed with this could make your luscious locks appear greasy. Apply from the mid lengths, to ends of your hair and add a tiny bit at a time! Do this after every cut and every blow dry your hair undertakes to help maintain happy, healthy hair!

The scent of this product is extremely floral, but isn't too overpowering. I would prefer it if it was maybe more towards the sweeter end of the scent spectrum but regardless of this I bloomin' love this new hair care product that's here to stay in my collection.

Have you tried Argan Oil?

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