12 Apr 2015

Is It Worth it?: Mac Limited Edition

Is Mac Limited Edition worth it? Honestly, no.

Mac come out with a new limited edition collection pretty much every month at the moment, and to be quite honest I'm not even slightly thrilled with this concept. Personally, I buy what I like and "Can't live without", which over the past years has been an awful lot when it comes to Mac LE; However, I don't think I can longer be sucked into the mayhem and alarm setting that is suffocating the beauty world.

Please don't think that I don't like a good Mac LE item, because I do...I really do. I just don't get the current hype. Websites such as Depop & Ebay have sellers charging up to £50 for a £17 lipstick that's the best part of 10 years old and 9/10 times...used.

There are many collections that I have indulged in, mainly the Rihanna ones but I truly adore the products and have sold on (for a reasonable price) ones that I don't like. My other favourite collection is the Divine Night Holiday that came out late 2013, I have 5 products from this collection because I love them; not because it's the in thing.

I fully understand that some people collect makeup, I am one of those but the approach to this is currently disgraceful and I've seen some shameful tweets to concessions when the products can't be obtained. Debenhams with the Cinderella collection I'm looking at you!

You should also be aware that a lot of the time Limited Edition products are just repackaged or re-promoted. Most of them really aren't that special and a huge let down. I like to purchase items that I haven't seen before or that are generally good value for money; holiday pigment sets for example!

Everything stated is my opinion, and I don't think you should stop buying Limited Edition products but maybe consider thinking about it a little more.

What is your opinion on Mac Limited Edition products?

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