14 Apr 2015

Henna Tattooing

Back in the Summer of 2014 a massive trend hit Hipsterville, and that was the art of Henna. Henna is a traditional way of temporarily decorating your skin. The formula is 100% natural if made correctly and the art can last up to 2 weeks if applied, dried and cared for properly.

Henna is widely used in Indian culture, especially by brides to be on their big day. Brides tend to concentrate on their hands, forearms and feet rather than the trends of today where it's just...well everywhere!

The style of Henna I use is handmade, natural and comes in a "pen" tube form making it easy to use, apply and store. These tubes can be frozen and defrosted thoroughly to ensure no waste is caused, but a good shake and squeeze is needed at the end of this process to make sure it stains the skin correctly and evenly.

Personally, I like to henna tattoo my hands; mainly fingers. I've been known to do my feet, arms and legs too but mainly in the summertime and especially for events such as festivals.

The application process is extremely simple, you snip & small amount of the tube off; squeeze out a tiny amount to make sure the product is free flowing and then you're ready to go! Some people like to practice a design using paper or kitchen roll; you can also use a white eye liner to trace a design onto the skin. I just get straight into it and come up with little off the mark designs.

P.S Always patch test before continuous use.

Have you tried Henna before?
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