21 May 2015

Wearing Makeup For Me

There is a sentence I hate more than anything in the world it goes a little bit like this...

"You're wearing too much makeup".

Wow. Stop. Wait a minute. Hang on. Back the truck up.

Firstly, no I am not. Secondly, who are you to tell me that this is too much makeup? Thirdly, thank you for your honest opinion but I am kindly going to decline taking any sort of advice from it.

The stigma around wearing makeup currently absolutely sucks, and ironically it seems to of got a lot worse over the last few years regardless of how much the makeup industry has boomed thanks to the power of social media. Most believe that women wear makeup purely to impress the opposite/same sex which is so unbelievably wrong in most cases. Another rumor is that us makeup wearers are self conscious and can't bare to leave the house without makeup on to hide a matter of all sins. Well unfortunately you're wrong....again.

Don't get me wrong there are people that wear makeup to boost their confidence etc, but why would that make them a bad person for doing so? Makeup is a beautiful art form allowing expression on the most personal canvas...you! Some days if I'm feeling down I will get up extra early, put on all the glitter, all the eyeliner and all the god damn makeup I can find. Why? Because I want to and it makes me feel like an effin princess mermaid unicorn fairy.

The application of makeup is really where this "theory" of wearing too much makeup should stand, as heavy handed application can make your makeup look what is known as "cakey". I am not saying that my makeup is always flawlessly applied because it's not, I am lucky to have acquired a set of skills that I am proud of. When it comes to makeup, practice makes perfect. Please remember that you can't run before you can walk :)

Within the media we deal with a heck of a lot of body shaming, and I think us makeup lovers need to stick together when it comes to "makeup shaming".

Who's with me?

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