23 May 2015

Key Zine and Balance Book

Hannah Pixie Snowdon and Anastasia Pepsi Tasou are at the moment social media queens of spreading happiness, love and general good vibes. Recently, they have teamed up to firstly produce the Key Zine; a book looking into happiness and collective advice/quotes from famous singers, models, business owners and tattoo artists etc.

Key Zine is a 30 page well finished, glossy book with classic black wired binding. Perfect to take a long with you and also sits nicely on your desk. I love how small these books are, but don't be fooled by size as they really pack a powerful punch. The positive and inspiring vibes that make up this book gets even the smallest of hairs on my body stood up to attention and my heart feeling fuller than full with every turn of the page.

Even though the Key Zine has aspects of love in it, Balance Book is solely based on love and theories around it.  It again contains advice & quotes from influential people including Oliver Sykes, Elena Wood and Prahlada. The main theme running throughout Balance is how to love yourself, and the importance of self love and worth. For me this is something I struggle with on a daily basis and I'd be lying if I said that collectively these books hadn't turned my frown upside down. I am truly starting to look at the world in a new light, and I am on my personal journey of becoming what I class as a "beautiful person".

The two books are Limited Edition and  retailed at £15, making them an easy and fast purchase for most. I love the postit note and washy tape aspects of the book as it really shows the personal effort and time that has gone into the books. All profitable proceeds have been donated to the mental health charity Mind, which is something that is very close to my heart; making this a super easy purchase for myself.

If you want to see more of what Hannah & Ana are about, follow them on Instagram
@hannahpixiesnowdon and @anastasia.tasou

Have you read either book?

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