7 May 2015

Why do women...

Another moany post about something that's totally grinding my gears (if you get this reference lesbefriends).

The annual Met Gala took place this week, and what a phenomenal event it was - as per! As expected there was post after post cluttering up my Bloglovin' feed and so many magazine articles covering the fashion of the event. The Met Gala is known for the extensive guest list and luxury, so naturally there were stars studding the red carpet from Rihanna to Kimmy K West to  Helen Mirren. All, in my opinion looking absolutely gorgeous in their own quirky ways.

Now. My favourite looks of the night have to be those worn by Rihanna and Grace Coddington, both stars stayed true to themselves but still pulled off glamour and the Chinese theme extraordinary. However these two seem to be getting the most stick from the bloggers, journos and media which I don't think is very fair. RiRi has been compared to wearing an Omelette as a dress and Grace has been said to of just thrown on her PJ's.

As far as I'm concerned Grace has stuck to the theme and has maintained her standoffish style, and Rihanna looks like she's gone to town with her Disney Princess DVD collection and looks like Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

My point is, these ladies spent hours getting ready and picking the perfect outfit. So who are we to tell them they're wrong for their choice of outfit? Surely we should be celebrating the fact that these inspirational women still wear what they want and feel comfortable in, regardless of the media criticizing them in every single way possible.

Women need to stop pulling each other apart and judging those for what they look like, we are all in the same boat and most of us feel exactly the same. Rather than circuming to the pressure caused by the media, why don't we embrace our inner goddesses and stick together on this one? I don't mean light a fire and dance a native dance around it, just simply be nice. If you don't like an outfit someone is wearing that doesn't make the outfit wrong, or your opinion for that matter. Accept each other for the beautiful creatures we are, rather than tearing each other apart at the seams. Literally.

Calling someone ugly doesn't make you beautiful.

I for one celebrate individuality, do you?

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