19 Jun 2015

Dusty Girls: Pink Ladies*

Blush, Blusher, Rouge. Whatever you call it, we all use it. There's truly nothing better than a flush of blush on the apples of anyone's cheeks to welcome the day in no matter how tired or dull you may feel.

Dusty Girls Blush in Pink Ladies gives a healthy looking glow, which you won't be embarrassed about! The natural oils, Mica and oxides found in the blush has left no room for rubbish such as Talc and Bismuth which are both products you want to avoid when adding a bloom of berry to your cheeks.

Pink Ladies is a well...pink blush, more towards a rose shade with a subtle shimmer running through it. The formulation is smooth, extremely pigmented and glides onto the desired area with complete and utter ease. You can easily build up Pink Ladies to give an overly flushed look if desired, or blend out this bad boy for an extra natural blush.

Personally, as I like a less controlled look to my blush I prefer to use a large synthetic kabuki brush. Dusty Girls do a perfect one to team with this blush and their other cheeky products, it's super soft and extremely dense for an extra delicate application.

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Have you tried any Dusty Girls products?
*these products were sent for an event I held, all opinions are my own 

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