25 Jun 2015

Hosting An Event

Hosting an event is...HARD!

Don't ever let anybody tell you it isn't. However, the hard work pays off and man it's exciting to do. I've recently hosted my first event alongside Hannah and Emma in Sheffield for 30 bloggers, and we had 3 brands attend. Sounds simple right?


There are so many things that you have to consider, the biggest task is finding a venue, second is getting brands on board and last is actually sorting out the guest list; it's not a piece of cake getting Bloggers to attend.

We started in January, giving us just under 6 months to plan and make the event happen. This event happened on June 13th 2015 at Eaten Eat Cafe, Sheffield and we had a mix of talks, tables and ice breakers to fill our event.

Then there's the goody bags...which can seriously make or break an event. You have to think hard about who you want in your bag, you also have to persevere with brands and make sure you have a top notch selling email that will lure them into getting involved. If you have contacts then use them! Make sure you know as much detail about your event i.e who's attending before you start emailing because brands will want to know!

My top 6 tips for running a successful event are:

1. Give yourselves enough time to plan (minimum 4-5 months)

2.  Know what you want to achieve and stick to it

3. Don't do it alone! I'm so glad there was three of us running this event

4. Invite a mix of people, not just people you know!

5. Be really super duper organised

6. Set a budget for venue, refreshments etc

I hope my post on this event I held with Hannah and Emma was helpful, inspiring or that you just enjoyed reading it!

Have you held an event before?

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