30 Jun 2015

Stay Safe In The Sun*

Skin safety is something I am big on, very big on in fact. You won't catch me sun bathing, or sitting in the sunshine without a hat & massive sunnies on; it's just not my style! If I want to be a beautiful bronzed babe I will fake it...yes guys I'm a faker and proud!!

Smart Sun UK have come up with an epic little concept of how to, well stay safe in the sun! These little wristbands - which are waterproof, discrete and reliable; cost £4.99 for a pack of 5 and are suitable for the whole family to use! The bands are tailored to hair colour, and skin tone too so that each person will get an individual and accurate experience.

The way they work is extremely simple, they change colour! Below I've added a photo which explains what each colour means :)

The 3 bands I was sent have been sent off with my parents on their jollies in the UK, and they were surprised as to how well they worked even in the British climate!

Buy Me // Smart Sun

Will you be taking Smart Sun Bands on holiday with you?
*sent for awareness 

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