15 Aug 2015

If You're Going To Splurge || Urban Decay

When it comes to makeup I prefer to splurge. I know that splurging isn't for everyone when it comes to purchasing cosmetics, however I would rather have less products but of a higher quality. Below I have picked my top 3 Urban Decay products.

All Nighter Setting Spray
The Holy Grail of setting sprays. I'm sorry but nothing else out there compares! As a retail working girl, I spend my days under hot lights which is a bad scenario for any makeup wearers. However, a couple of spritzes of this and voila, perfect makeup in perfect place all day.

24/7 Liners
The last time I counted I owned 23 of these.....yes 23! I seriously can't get enough of them. The staying power is out of this world and like nothing I've ever tried before. I often use them as eye shadow bases too, but be quick these bad boys dry and stick almost instantly making your playtime with them very short lived. There are so many different and delightful shades in the range, from perfect purples to beautiful blues to seductive silver!!

Eden Primer Potion

Sweet Lord, we thank you for this eye primer and we love you for the perfection that is Eden primer. This thick, matte and yellow toned primer is insanely good; like incredible. I can't actually get over how much I love it. Making blending a dream, and pushing eye shadow staying power to the limit. This tube lasts forever, I'm pretty sure I've had mine well over a year and it's still going strong even with everyday use!

Things that I love but didn't make the cut
Naked Basics // Naked Palette // Naked Skin Concealer // 69 Lipstick // Moondust Eye Shadows // Perversion Mascara // Secret Service Eye Shadow // Electric Palette

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