13 Aug 2015

If You're Going To Splurge || Illamasqua

I like spending money on good quality products, and I am a big advocate for cruelty free and vegan products. Illamasqua are such an underrated brand in the blogging world, and to be honest ya'll don't know what ya'll missing!

Sangers Lipstick
Could this be the most perfect red lipstick ever? Yes. It just might be. I love Mac's Ruby Woo, but the extremely matte texture doesn't sit right on my lips. Sangers is a similar blood red shade, with a matte texture but it keeps your lips looking fresh and hydrated at the same time. I adore how this lipstick can transform any look, and how long lasting it is.

Infinity Gel Liner
Okay, so I've been wearing winged liner for roughly 10 years now and it's taken me 9 of those years to find the perfect liner to create my wings with. Infinity gel liner is perfect, it's a matte black texture that lasts all day; through sleep, the lot (okay sometimes I drunkenly fall asleep with my makeup on). You can guarantee that this isn't going to budge, it's waterproof too!

Woo Lip Liner
One day visiting the Illamasqua counter in Sheffield, I left with a few goodies including this soft nude lip liner. I wasn't really into lip liner back then but the shade had me hooked from the first time our eyes met, now I'm addicted!!

Things I love that didn't make the cut
Vapour Eye Shadow // Forgiveness Eye Shadow // Sealing Gel // Lush Lashes // Pristine Lipstick // Facade Lipgloss 

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