9 Aug 2015

Liquid Lipsticks || Jeffree Star

I love liquid lipsticks, they're highly pigmented, easy to apply and extremely long lasting. My favourite brand to offer these delights so far has to be Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I currently only own 4 shades but I will be expanding my collection asap! Another fab point to these is that they're 100% Vegan and Cruelty free!!

When these are on, they well and truly do not budge. I can get the minimum of 5 hours wear with these and that's with eating and drinking. Something that I find perfect for a night out or a shift at work. You can also mix them to create your own colours, for example adding I'm Nude to Unicorn Blood creates a light pinky red colour which just looks fabulous.

I'm Nude // Unicorn Blood // Celebrity Skin // Anna Nicole

I purchase mine from Cocktail Cosmetics, they're £13.50 and the postal service is super quick!

Buy Me // Cocktail Cosmetics

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