11 Aug 2015

If You're Going To Splurge || Mac

Splurging on makeup for me is something that happens a lot, probably on a monthly basis. I also get asked a lot as to what products I recommend from certain brands, so here it is...my top 3 Mac products that I feel are 100% worth the splurge.

Seriously, there's nothing else in this world like Fix+ plus. No, it's not going to hold your makeup in place all day - this is not a setting spray. What it does is settles on powder and takes away that cakey, powdery look which is a massive no no; especially when trying to achieve a Beyonce style dewy look. Fix+ hydrates your skin too and accentuates the highlighter you've carefully applied to your skin. With this being a multi use product, I find I use it a lot to wet brushes and mix pigments with too.

Studio Fix Foundation
Most people seem to slate this foundation, but I can't get enough of it. It's honestly the best foundation I've ever used, and I've been using it for roughly 6 years now. The medium to full coverage leaves me feeling like a goddess and doesn't cake up on my skin or feel heavy. It's super easy to blend and extremely long wearing. Mac do a massive range of colours, making there something for pretty much everyone!

217 Brush
I can't get enough of this brush. I now own two because I just love it THAT much. A trip to Mac about 2 years ago had me leaving with this in my hand after being recommended it by one of the best girls ever Anna, from the Meadowhall counter. A few soft sweeps of this gives you a flawless blend to your eyes, taking your look from drab to drag. Honestly, you won't ever regret buying this brush and you will most likely ask me to marry you ;)

Things that didn't make the top 3, but I do love
Vanilla Pigment // Lady Danger Lipstick // Stars n Rockets Eye Shadow // Blue Brown Pigment // Black Brilliance Fluidline Eye Pencil // 266 Brush // Boy Bait Lipgloss // Strobe Cream // Studio Fix Concealer // Candy Yum Yum Lipstick

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