24 Sep 2015

Lush Empties

As a blogger, it's almost obligatory to do a Lush post once in a while. I do love Lush, however I am careful as to what I buy because well...I hate wasting money. Here's the empty containers of what I've used, and loved plus a small review on each.

Mask Of Magnaminty
A Minty face mask full of goodness to help combat oil, problem skin and blackheads. This tingly, sweet mint smelling mask clears the skin of all impurities, leaving a smooth blemish free face. It contains aduki beans to softly exfoliate and scrub away dead skin when removing.

Angels on Bare Skin
A soft, calming cleanser that smells like lavender on a summer's day. Angels calms the skin, helping with redness as well as blemishes, the kaolin in this cleanser helps to absorb grease and dirt but doesn't leave your skin feeling tight or "squeaky clean". I love this cleanser, and I actually have 3 empty tubs but I didn't see the point in photographing all three.

Oatifix is a hydrating and exfoliating mask that smells like flapjacks. The fresh bananas in this face mask helps with hydration as well as packing in all of the needed vitamins and minerals needed to help dry skin sufferers. With Oatifix being packed full of ground almonds, the removal of the mask scrubs away dead skin cells leaving your skin super soft and smelling wonderful.

Ocean Salt
Another facial product to help removing not just dead skin but impurities that can cause spots and blackheads. As the name suggests, this is brimming with salt to scrub away those sins, the vodka & lime helps refresh and wake up the skin. It can also be used anywhere else on the body to banish nasty scaly skin.

Snow Fairy
Sweetest smelling shower gel ever created. Lathering this all over your body leaves you smelling somewhere between a pear drop and candy floss. With this being limited edition and only available around Christmas, it is for me a treat and a very luxurious one at that! I love the soft formula, and the iridescent glitter running throughout this candy pink shower gel. Definitely one for those that enjoy sweet smells and well...fairies!

Soon I will be cashing these empty products in for a free fresh face mask. Any suggestions?

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