8 Oct 2015

Sibu Beauty*

Natural skincare is seriously my thing, I very rarely use products that aren't natural because I really do enjoy taking good care of my skin. I feel that products that are made solely up of chemicals and other crap just don't cut it, they dry out my skin and can also make you age.

Sibu Beauty strive to protect & respect the earth as well as...well protecting and respecting your skin! By using precious natural sources responsibly and creating minimal impact on mother nature Sibu have created a wonderful and ethical company.

Seabuckthorn is a sustainable resource, with extremely hydrating properties both for your insides and outs! It improves skintone and texture, supports hair & nail growth and even increases vitality. By using the Repair & Protect and Cellular Support together you're creating an incredible cocktail for your skin and body which is guaranteed to leave you glowing.

Repair and Protect promotes tissue recovery & healing, rejuvenates sun damaged skin and it's suitable for all skin types! My extremely sensitive skin loves it's daily treat of a sea buckthorn  drink, leaving it soft and smooth; and also smelling delightfully of oranges! This daytime facial cream with Omega 7 is readily absorbed to help to boost collagen production and create a healthy, natural moisture barrier.

As you might already know I believe that true beauty begins on the inside. Sibu have created a soft gel supplement to nourish and protect the body plus promote healthy hair, and skin from the inside out. My skin feels super hydrated after 2 weeks of popping these supplements, and I generally feel absolutely incredible! Finally saying goodbye to soft nails!

You can purchase these Sibu products from Modern Herbals, as well as the rest of the range!

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