31 Jul 2014

July Faves

Hello beautiful people;

"These are a few of my favourite things"

It's August already, wuuuuutttt?
We all know that means that it's favourites time, and boy I've been rediscovering my love for so many things this month. of course mainly beauty items but I've snuck a few others in there for good measure.

Now, who says that vampy lipsticks are just for Autumn and Winter? You would be wrong.com for thinking this. Throughout July I've been embracing my inner vampire goddess with the help of Mac's Diva lipstick.
Wowzers I love this lipstick, its probably the perfect colour for me with my slight tan, plus it stays on so well. I've mainly used this when I've been travelling or gone out for food because srsly it ain't budging girl!

My second favourite is Loom Bands, which is a huge craze over here in the UK. You're all saying "but that's what kids play with", whatever I like them haha.
I've been making bracelets left, right and centre for my loved ones. I'm even considering making one for my dog!!

Another beauty fave now which is something I officially can't live without, Lush's Angels on bare skin cleanser. Jesus Christ on a bike this stuff is good. 
I use it once a day in the morning whilst showering, and if I wear make up that day I will use it again that night to remove most of my make up. It leaves my skin feeling clean, moisturised and also flake free due to the ground almonds that gently exfoliate.

What would a monthly favourites be without some form of food item included, eh? For those of you that don't know my mother is the manager of a health food store, so naturally I am guinea pig for any samples or new products that she wants to stock. This month our cupboards have been inundated with Itsu's Crispy Seaweed Thins. Seawood, yuck! Well I too was wrong, I can't describe the taste or the sensation but it's basically crispy Nori that is used to wrap sushi in. 
Best thing is in a whole packet there's only 24 bloomin' calories! 

What have you been loving this month?

lots of love, effstarbeauty xoxo

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