29 Sep 2014

Tabitha JK

Hello beautiful people;

"choose products that support your wellness & help you feel gorgeous!"

The other week my beautiful mother was invited to an event at Tabitha James Kraan's Organic hair salon in Stow on the Wold. Unfortunately I was unable to attend, but my oh my didn't my mother do well at bringing plenty of treats home for me!!

One of the treats in the outstandingly good swag bag was one of Tabitha's own products, the Dry Shampoo for Darker Hair. Instantly I whipped this out and claimed it as my own, well I do have dark hair and my mother is blonde!

The packaging is so luxurious and well thought of, I love the colours and the style of bottle. Oh my the smell!!! It smells like one of those posh spas you go to for a classy hen do or 50th birthday, you know the ones yeah, good. Strong scents of lavender and lemongrass punch through but are still ever so delicate so you won't end up smelling like a garden.

I was really surprised that the powder isn't as finely milled as other dry shampoos on the market, but regardless it disappears in your hair almost instantly.

Apparently the best way to use this is to generously sprinkle on your hair, lightly massage (ooh la la this is luxurious) and then brush out the excess product. If you're like me you'll want to use this to exceed the volume limit of your hair; well the bottle tells you to do the same but to blast with the cool setting on your hairdryer.

This isn't just any dry shampoo, this is a scalp soother, volume maker, oil production balancer and if that wasn't enough its a bloomin' hair cleanser.

If I was you I'd run, jump, fly, teleport yourself over to the salon OR purchase it from the website which I have kindly linked for you here - don't worry blondies there's one for fair haired beauts too!

Also when you're on the website make sure you sign up to the newsletter as frequent promotional codes are sent out only to those that are signed up!


What is your favorite dry shampoo?

lots of love

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