29 Oct 2014

Beauty Hacker

Hello beautiful people

Now, I'm expecting a few marriage proposals after this post goes out because these tips are seriously going to blow your mind.
I mean Gwen Stefani and Eve blow your mind !

As a woman I love sharing tips with fellow beauty addicts because I am just that nice. Over the years I have come across many, some from my mother & others out of magazines etc.
My brain has got a little database of them ready to expose when a woman is in need.

Here are my top 5 beauty hacks that I promise will change your life

There is nothing more annoying than a dried up mascara that's only a few weeks old. Rather than pumping away at it, simply twist instead. Twisting prevents air going into the tube which is the culprit for your now useless mascaras!

We all have that really annoying day when we completely forget to repurchases face wipes, or makeup remover. Instead of scrubbing at your poor skin or reaching for the dreaded hand soap, get some cotton pads/cotton wool and use your favourite moisturiser instead!

Got a lovely glossy lipstick but you're wishing it was matte? Don't run out and purchase another one, apply the lipstick and blot with a piece of soft tissue. Reapply and press the tissue back over your lips, then through the tissue dust over a small amount of translucent powder.
Et Voila!

If you're a really messy nail varnish user like myself, then before painting your nails apply vaseline around your nails on the skin. This acts as a barrier and the pesky mistakes are SO much easier to clean up like this!

Most lipsticks have over a CM of product still left in the tube when it's gone flat. Scoop this out into a little pot and use a lip brush to apply!

I hope these hacks help you!

Do you have any beauty hacks?

lots of love

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